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E/Z Lift Manhole Products

E/Z Lift manhole *Lifting Capacity of **25LBS.

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Part Number Description
7030 30" E/Z Lift manhole with cam-loks
7045 36" E/Z Lift manhole with cam-loks
7046 42" E/Z Lift manhole with cam-loks
7047 48" E/Z Lift manhole with cam-loks


  • Outer ring: Heavy Ductile Iron ring
  • Skirt: 14 Gauge Galvanized sheet metal
  • Cover: 3/8" reinforced floor plate, complies with H20 rating.
  • *NOTE: By request can add reinforcement for H90 rating*
  • Cover sealing gasket: One piece rectulangular 3/8" x 1/2" rubber ring in a 1/4" deep groove into the Ductile ring.
  • Gas shock: Will withstand up to +200 degrees and -40 degrees and coated to handle total humidity. Will loose only 1% of strength per year. 2 Gas shocks require for 48".



  • CNI offers a 180-310+ lb. cover that has proven itself over the last 50 years with its H20 rating. The end user will be lifting only 25lbs - 35lbs with the help of a gas shock, which prevents workman's compensation.
  • The durability of the Ductile iron ring and steel cover is long lasting, no need to change to a composite cover.
  • The cam-loks are zing plated Ductile iron that can be tightened down with a 3/4" socket wrench, and are also replaceable.
  • No more lost screws or difficulties in installation.
  • One piece rectulangular ring stays put, implementing a water tight seal. The rectangular gasket sits in the ring 1/4" & will not come off when cover is removed.
  • Will not rattle when run over by a vehical.
  • Does not require a speedbump to keep water out.

Special E/Z Lift Boxes

Square and rectangular E/Z Lift boxes are 100% custom and are made to order